System Polygons

All of the applications share a common set of system polygons. The detailed co-ordinates for these areas can be viewed by selecting Polygons / Find and selecting the desired polygon.

The table below provides maps to show a general description of the areas.
Polygon Name(s) Description
GSL1 - GSL18 Gulf of St. Lawrence
LS1 - LS25 Labrador Shelf
NF26 - NF65 Newfoundland Shelf
SS1- SS68 Scotian Shelf, Gulf of Maine
LFA03-LFA41 Lobster Fishing Areas
Nafo2G - Nafo6NK NAFO Fishing Areas
ZMPxxxx AZMP Fixed Stations, Sections
Z_xxxx AZMP "Petrie" Boxes
DiscovC_1 Discovery Corridor