OBIS Canada

The Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS) seeks to absorb, integrate, and assess isolated datasets into a larger, more comprehensive picture of life in our oceans. The system hopes to stimulate research about our oceans to generate new hypotheses concerning evolutionary processes, species distributions, and roles of organisms in marine systems on a global scale. The maps generated by OBIS contribute to the 'big picture' of our oceans: a comprehensive, collaborative, world-wide view of our oceans.

OBIS provides a portal or gateway to many datasets containing information on where and when marine species have been recorded. The datasets are integrated so you can search them all seamlessly by species names, higher taxonomic level, geographic area, depth, and time; and then map and find environmental data related to the locations.

OBIS Canada is the Canadian Regional node. Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) supports OBIS, and DFO houses the data repository at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography.

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To access the OBIS Canada datasets on the OBIS portal visit the OBIS Canada Datasets