Labrador and Newfoundland


One of the most distinct characteristics of the sea ice off Canada's east coast is its dynamic movement in response to atmospheric and oceanic forcing. The predominant NW winds and the strong southwards flowing Labrador Current moves locally-formed ice and ice formed at higher latitudes rapidly southwards until it is consumed by the warm waters around the Grand Banks. Icebergs that calve from glaciers in northern Baffin Bay move south along the Labrador coast with the pack ice. They present a major hazard to marine shipping and offshore operations.

The Grand Banks, near Newfoundland, is a relatively shallow bathymetric feature located southeast of Newfoundland on the continental shelf. Water depths reach to 200 m. The region is particularly known as a rich fishing ground but it is also an area of oil and gas exploration as well as being part of major transatlantic shipping routes.



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