Makkovik Bank


Map of Makkovik Bank

Map of Makkovik Bank

Makkovik Bank hosts a mooring site every other winter at the oil exploration site called "Bjami". The mooring includes an ADCP and Upward-Looking Sonar (ULS; called the Ice Profiling Sonar, IPS) for collecting ice drift and ice draft data for the Labrador Shelf and a CTD. The data are used to validate ice extent and ice type in regional ice-ocean models.



The daily mean drafts

The daily mean drafts

The daily mean drafts reached a mid-winter maximum before decreasing in the spring. Locally-grown and ridged pack ice from the Labrador Shelf showed uup at the mooring site with a maximum ridged keel draft of 5-10 m. Then heavier, thicker pack ice with ridged keels up to 20 m, originating from the north, appeared.

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