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Posters (these are PDF/PNG files)

  1. Forcing Mechanisms of Seasonal Flows through Barrow Strait (PDF)
  2. A High-Resolution Ice-Ocean Model of the Arctic Ocean (PDF) early version
  3. A High-Resolution Ice-Ocean Model of the Arctic Ocean (PDF) later version
  4. Beaufort Sea pack ice break-up by long period swells (PDF)
  5. Interannual changes in pack ice properties in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and their effect on harp seal pup mortality (PDF)
  6. Ice and Snow Helicopter-Borne Sensors Used May 2004 and April 2008 over the Beaufort Sea Shelf (PDF)
  7. Forcing Flow through Lancaster Sound (PNG)
  8. Iceberg Forecasting, Tabular Icebergs (PDF)
  9. Ice and Ocean Moorings and Modelling (PDF)
  10. Observing Pack Ice Properties with Helicopter-borne Sensors (PDF)
  11. Flux through Lancaster Sound (PDF)
  12. Observing Pack Ice and Under-lying Runoff Buoyant Plume Properties with Helicopter-borne Sensors (PDF)
  13. Sea Ice Properties Observed With Helicopter-borne Sensors and ENVISAT ASAR Imagery over the Eastern Beaufort Shelf (PDF)
  14. Pack Ice Ridging and Drift: Southern Gulf of Saint Lawrence Winter 2004 (PDF)
  15. Icycler an Energy Conserving Moored Profiler (PDF)
  16. Sea-Ice Mass Monitor (SIMMon) (PDF)
  17. Long-range Forecasting of the Iceberg Population on the Grand Banks (PDF)
  18. Comparison between Numerical Models and Observations in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago (PDF)
  19. Numerical Simulation of the Circulation in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago (PDF)
  20. Confederation Bridge Sea Ice (PDF)
  21. CTD Time Series from Lancaster Sound (PDF)
  22. Mapping Sea Ice Properties with a Helicopter-borne Electromagnetic-Induction and Video System (PDF)
  23. Accurate Ocean Current Direction Measurements Near the Magnetic Poles (PDF)
  24. Modelling the Canadian Arctic Archipelago (PDF)
  25. A Coupled Ice-Ocean Model of the Labrador Sea and Baffin Bay (PDF)
  26. Helicopter Fixed-Mount Electromagnetic-Induction Ice Thickness Sensor (PDF)
  27. Sea Ice Data from Satellite-Tracked Ice Beacons (PDF)
  28. Multi-parameter Monitoring with a Moored, Wave-Powered Profiler (PDF)