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The Atlantic Zone Science Platform Committee will exist to provide a forum and a focus for issues related to supporting Atlantic Science programs at sea.

The mandate will include:

a) preparing the annual Atlantic Zone Vessel Schedule;

b) ensuring proper linkage between Science programs, priorities and the Schedule for the Maritimes, Laurentian and Newfoundland Regions;

c) addressing the requirements for ship-fitted program equipment;

d) identifying needs for vessel modifications and new ships;

e) coordinating with various HQ/Fleet/Program committees, subcommittees, and working groups on Fleet Integration, and other exercises.

f) linking with the activities of the Atlantic Zone Working Group on Ocean Monitoring.


Membership will include Science representatives from HQ, and one or more from each of Laurentian, Maritimes ,Newfoundland and C&A Regions. Also included will be Vessel Management representatives from each region, and from Fleet Services in Ottawa, plus nominees from NRCan, NSERC and the University community.

The Committee will be chaired by the Director, Atlantic Zone, a new position within the Policy and Program Coordination Directorate (PP&C) at Science HQ in Ottawa. Secretariat responsibilities will reside with PP&C except for matters concerning the Atlantic Zone vessel schedule, which will reside with the Science representative from the Maritimes Region.


The Committee will convene no fewer than 3 times per year, in person or by teleconference. The Chair will formally report issues and progress to the Chair of the Atlantic Zone Management Committee prior to each meeting of that Committee.

AZSPC Members

Updated - November 20, 2018

Member Sector/Region Telephone
George Sheppard - Chair Science - Newfoundland 709-772-0077
Claude Tremblay Science - Quebec 418-775-0625
George Sheppard Science - Newfoundland 709-772-0077
Jay Barthelotte Science - Maritimes 902-426-3495
Amélie Rondeau Science - Gulf 506-851-2650
Peter Pledge GSC(A) 902-426-6367
John Armstrong CCG - HQ 613-618-4313
Marc Delisle CCG - Central and Arctic 514-283-0102
Cyndi Byatt CCG - Atlantic 902-426-5947