The ACON software (A CONtouring application) is a data visualisation application, which includes an embedded programming language and a number of built-in functions supporting fisheries assessment and thematic mapping.

A) Download ACON

There are two variants of ACON within the downloadable package:

The standard version is a Windows XP compatible application which includes multiple editing windows, a menu driven interface, and allows the user to manipulate his data and generate graphics interactively using ACON commands. Most of the menu options allow for point and click access to common commands. The individual command's documentation provides details. Common usage of ACON is through the development of reusable scripts to generate specific analytical results.

The console version is a command line interface version used for WWW server CGI applications.

ACON Version 10.8.01

B) Registration

ACON software is provided free of charge and the providers assume no responsibility for its use or results obtained with it.

Although not required, it is suggested that you register. Please send your Name and Address by e-mail to .