Seahorse - Station 2 Deployment

The SeaHorse moored profiler is providing data in real time from a location 25 km off the coast from Halifax in 150 m depth. Referred to as Station 2 of the Halifax Line, this location is considered representative of the Scotian shelf, and monitoring here provides insight into the short and long term variability in physical and biological processes on the shelf.

SeaHorse is presently providing bi-hourly profiles to 80 m from this location. After each profile, SeaHorse passes the data up the mooring line to the surface buoy using Sea-Bird inductive modems. These data are then sent ashore using Iridium satellite transmission, automatically processed at BIO, and then posted on this web site. You can also interactively query this data set through the CMEP Data Visualization web site at Dalhousie University.

2007 Deployment

Map of Mooring Location

Halifax Station 2 - 2007 Deployment

Lunenberg Bay - 2007 Deployment

Disclaimer: Data collected in real time is not screened for accuracy.