East Coast Ocean Forecasts

The ocean forecast is a research project of Ocean Sciences Division (OSD) to demonstrate the use of ocean models developed at OSD for short-range ocean forecasts. The project has been funded by Program for Energy Research and Development (PERD), Canadian Coast Guard New SAR Initiatives Fund (NIF) and Canadian Foundation for Atmospheric and Climate Studies (CFCAS). The forecasts displayed at this website are generated from four forecast models: the Canadian East Coast Ocean Model (CECOM), the WAVEWATCH III wave model, the data-assimilative tide model of the northwest Atlantic and the Canadian Arctic Archipelago tidal model. The forecasts include surface drift trajectories, sea-ice concentration, water temperature, surface waves and water level. To view the forecasts select "Forecasts" from the menu bar. All forecasts start at 0000 and 1200 UTC. The maximum forecast period is 48 hours.

Map of the Study Area

Ice-Ocean Forecast Study Area