Getting Started

Before you can run any queries, you must register and obtain a user name and password.


  • Register yourself and obtain a user name and password. You will be emailed your user name / password. These applications are available to anyone with a legitimate requirement for the information. This one-time registration is good for all applications.
  • Please include your name and affiliation in the email link below. The email address that you register from is the address which will be used for the query reply. If you want to run and receive results from this application at more than one location (i.e. at work and at home), you will need to register for each location. You will need to re-register if you no longer have access to the email address you used to register.

Register Now

Copy the address with the subject "Registration Request for Oceanographic Databases"

Also, please take the time to read through the descriptions we have provided for each application. They are not very long and we've tried to make it clear as to what each application does and doesn't do. If you have any problems with the instructions or documentation, please let us know so we can fix any issues for future users.