Oceanographic Databases

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This page provides access to a number of databases maintained by Ocean Sciences at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography. The databases include temperature-salinity profiles for the NW Atlantic, sea-surface temperature and chlorophyll from satellite, monthly statistics of ocean currents and other moored instruments, and daily temperature observations from coastal thermographs. For details on each database, see the section at the end of the main query page.

Access to the applications requires a one-time user registration. For more information, see the section entitled Getting Started

All of the queries are performed off-line and the user is informed by email where and how to download the results. Response is generally within a few hours. If you don't get a response by the following day, there is likely a problem and you should notify us of the delay.

The applications all share a common user interface consisting of a form specifying your spatial and temporal criteria. Some minor differences exist between forms as required by the individual application. The applications also provide a number of predefined polygons, or you can create and save your own. Any polygon you create will be available to all applications.

There are some limitations on the amount of data you can download in a single query. These limits are quite generous, but they can be readily exceeded in the Hydrographic database if you request a large area and the individual data records.

If the service is unavailable and it is not noted in the Service Bulletin, we may not know there is a problem. In that case, please email us.

Finally, there have been reports of problems in using these applications related to various combinations of browsers and operating systems. We endeavor to correct these as they arise. The most common problems result from Popups blocking and/or IE7 Status Bar issue or the presence of a firewall at the client end. If you have a problem, check the section on Problems?, and if that doesn't help, contact us.

We hope you find these applications useful.