Contributing to the CMIST Database

To submit an assessment to the CMIST database, please ensure that all sections of the tool are complete then send MS Excel files as attachments to

CMIST Projects

CMIST development and screening for high risk species in 3 Canadian ecoregions

The newly developed marine SLRA tool CMIST was applied to identify the potential risk associated with NIS invertebrates (molluscs, tunicates, crustaceans, and polychaetes) already introduced and others not reported in three Canadian marine ecoregions (Gulf of St. Lawrence, Scotian Shelf, and Strait of Georgia). In total, 60 species–ecoregion combinations for species already introduced were assessed by two assessors, and outputs were compared to expert knowledge of species-ecoregion invasion outcomes. For species not reported from these three Canadian ecoregions, 45 species-ecoregion combinations were assessed to estimate invasion risk.