Gulf of Maine Integration Committee (IC)

Objectives of Integration Committee:

  • Expedites eco-system based management in the Gulf of Maine
  • Integrates species-based approaches into a comprehensive governance regime
  • Institutionalizes flexibility to promote effective cooperation to address and reconcile common concerns and approaches to resource management
  • Ensures consistency in approach across working groups and minimizes disputes through a collaborative approach

Key Functions of the Integration Committee:

  1. Ensure consistency in approach between the TRAC, TMGC and Working Groups. The IC will help the Steering Committee (SC) anticipate and resolve potential inconsistencies that may arise as groups separately pursue their Terms of Reference (ToR). The IC will also monitor progress on and consistency with all ToRs as an administrative support function.
  2. Provide multi-disciplinary feedback to groups on reports and proposed recommendations. There is a growing understanding that ecosystem approaches to ocean resource management create the need for integration of other issues such as species at risk, habitat, etc. The IC will work to ensure that each group considers the broader range of potential impacts to other resources, consistent with ecosystem principles.
  3. Provide analyses and submit recommendations to Steering Committee co-chairs. The IC will serve as a policy advisory group that considers the output of all SC structures and makes its own recommendations to Regional Directors and/or the Steering Committee.
  4. Recommend dispute resolution processes to TMGC and to the Steering Committee. Although a dispute settlement function would not rest with the IC, it may be part of developing a dispute settlement process.
  5. Provide record keeping, archival, coordination and general secretariat services to the Steering Committee and working groups. All SC structures should be current with essential information. The IC will ensure that all parties are apprised of relevant activities via regular email updates and developing and maintaining a new SC website. The IC will be responsible for record-keeping and administrative services for the SC, and also to each working group, if appropriate and available.